29 September 2020

Bait and Switch

Learn how to butter up your mom with in two easy steps, as demonstrated by my eight-going-on eighteen-year old.

21 September 2020

Never Ever!

When faced with a command that he doesn’t want to execute, my son often responds with his own version of reverse psychology. I’m not sure it’s working for him but it is funny.

14 August 2020

Riding in Cars with Kids, Pt 2

Subtitled: What Goes Around Really Just Keeps Going Around. Absolutely based on a true story.

09 August 2020


Apparently it only takes 7 years of coaxing to get a kid to realize that guacamole is delicious. And then it only takes a couple more days for said kid to demand guacamole pretty much all the time.

30 July 2020

Riding in the Car with Kids

I love riding in the car with kids. NOT.

25 July 2020

My Favorite Salad Dressing

I love salad but I hate almost all typical Western salad dressings. They’re all either too vinegar-y (anything Balsamic, ugh), too thick (xanthan gum, ugh), or too dairy-based (ranch, ugh). In my picky opinion, THIS is what salad dressing should taste like.

07 July 2020


My longest recipe to date – 3 pages of dragon cooking. I got really silly with the first page and then kind of lost the ridiculous DnD theme halfway through. They still taste good tho.

28 June 2020

Dragon Kefta

Sometimes I make stuff and the kids like it way more than I expect. Obviously that’s good but then they’re also eating my food so maybe next time I’ll make more.

20 June 2020

Black Beans & Rice

Meet Nana Dragon. She might have some strong opinions about your cooking. You’ve definitely heard them all before.

29 May 2020

Oat Bran Pancakes

If I were a fancy food blogger, I’d say the oat bran gives them a complex, hearty flavor that goes perfectly with delicately scalloped, hand-dyed Shetland wool hand warmers wrapped around a freshly poured cup of locally roasted fair trade coffee rim-lit by the warm rays of winter sun streaming across a rustic wood kitchen table. Or something like that.