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I’m Chris.

I’m a Cuban-American comic illustrator based in Ann-Arbor. ‘Rodrigweez’ is a ridiculous pronunciation of my very common last name by a high school teacher (in Texas, no less!) whose life experience clearly didn’t include meeting anyone with the one of the most common Spanish surnames in the world. I’ve worked as a animator, illustrator and designer for most of my life minus a three year interlude teaching English in a tiny mountain town in Japan.

I’ve also been chased by wild monkeys on a fantastic bike trail competed in a variety of sports including triathlons, artistic rollerskating, and archery; got married and started a family; taught natural childbirth classes; and watched Into the Spiderverse at least eight times in the theatre.

My first kid is super into dragons and refuses to enjoy anything else I draw for her. I was kinda hoping my second kid would be into something cool like tigers, but nah. He’s all #Dragonz4Lyfe, too. So here I am, drawing dragons all the time, often cooking. In my free time, I like rollerskating, archery and playing ukulele. I cook (and eat) a lot and I love good stories, especially movies, books, comics, music, and games played with a table of friends.

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