2020 July 30

Riding in the Car with Kids

I love riding in the car with kids. NOT.

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2017 July 21


And other interesting similes in this week’s comic…

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2017 June 09

Spaghetti Monster

PRO TIP: When traveling in a tightly packed, enclosed space with kids, make sure to pack your sense of humor.

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2017 June 01

Rock N’ Roll

I went to Toronto this year by myself for a few days. Sunday, I spent pretty much the whole day at Comic Con. Monday, I wandered around the city as a tourist, spending most of the day at the ROM and catching up with old friends.

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2016 December 25

The 12 Virtues of Christmas: Patience

12 Virtues of Xmas: Patience

Poor kid. She just wanted to put some decorations on the tree…

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2016 November 10

Drawing While Spotify

You can always tell when the sales team is really falling behind on getting new advertisers…

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2016 November 03

The Terrifying Two Sides of Face Paint

Beware the Awful, the Horrible, the Terrifying Two Sides of Face Paint in this week’s comic!

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2016 October 26

Happy Skeleton Life

Some other (better) considerations for the punchline of this comic included rib cage hug entanglement, our hands shattering during a high five and trying to smooch. If I can just get the hilarious visual in my head onto the iPad for that last one, it will be COMIC GOLD.

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2016 October 19

Something to Say

She just has something to say, y’all…

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2016 October 13

When Nerds Collide

Join me down a ridiculous rabbit hole of ruminations on identity sparked by trying to codify the difference between nerd and geek.

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