2022 July 29

Turning 50

I turned 50 this week and drew a self-indulgent comic about it.

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2021 July 01

It’s All Good

Oh, you wanna be cool? Here, let me help you with that…

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2021 June 21

Absolutely. Unconditionally. Forever.

When your nine-year-old sneaks in a DEEP QUESTION amidst the nonstop chatter torrent of comics, anime, friends, and more…

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2021 June 11

The New Secret Weapon Backfires

What happens when sneaky strategy meets minutely detailed, super literal interpretation of the rules?

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2021 June 09

The Secret Weapon

Bea has figured out a new secret weapon with devastating consequences for her unsuspecting opponent.

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2021 April 01


Occasionally, I’ll be driving somewhere with the big kiddo and she’ll be like, “Remember that time you flicked a booger on that guy’s truck?”. Why yes, yes I do. HOW COULD I FORGET???

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2021 March 11

Lemme Check

Sometimes the solution really is worse than the problem.

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2021 March 08

I Don’t Want to Go Outside

Yep. It’s one of those days. Tbh, it’s really been one of those years…

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2021 February 09

I’m Gonna Hate It.

That’s what he says but he’s really gonna love it and then be super grumpy when it’s over and demand to know when he’s gonna be old enough to be the boss and make everyone go to bed.

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2021 January 25

The Struggle is Real

The current bookends to my son’s day. I know he’ll get over it someday and I’m sincerely hoping the next phase is just as entertaining.

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