Our family Halloween theme this year was Día de los Muertos. The kiddo loves to paint her face and sifted through a bunch of images on Pinterest to pick her favorite. She sat patiently through the whole makeup application process and basked in the incredible amount of praise she received all afternoon from nearly everyone we met hanging out downtown before our annual Halloween 5k run. And when I say basked, I mean like a gila monster draped over a warm rock in the light of a thousand suns.

And then she got tired and rubbed her eyes. AND THE FLOODGATES OF CHILD MISERY HELL BROKE LOOSE AND BURST FORTH UPON THE EARTH LIKE well, I don’t know, something that leaks a lot of water and makes awful sounds.

Fortunately, she fell asleep about 20 minutes later and didn’t wake up until the husband was racing towards the finish line. At which point, she pushed the shade of the jogging stroller back and announced, “Daddy, I’m cold and hungry!”

Thankfully, there was pizza at the finish line.