I went through a lot of title revisions for this one – lots of stuff along the line of Nerd vs. Geek: When Worlds Collide. In the end, I decided that, while there is a line between nerds and geeks for me, that maybe it all really boils down to where you stand in relation to the line and/or either camp.

Which led to thinking about how that might apply to political stances, religious affiliation, etc.

Which led to considering how Catholic celebrating Epiphany rather than Christmas might be to some, and how liberal supporting Obamacare might be to some, and how geeky being a mere level 24 in PokémonGO might be to some, the opposite is true for others.

Which led to thinking about multiracial identity and how it makes sense that there can be a conversation about how Latin I might be or how white or Neanderthal or Native American or black, depending on what part of my genetic makeup we’re talking about…

Which, of course, led to thinking about Garnet and her chorus of “I am their fury, I am their patience, I am a conversation*”. Because all rumination about identity and the things that define, separate or unite us together as a species can, of course, be neatly explained with a Steven Universe lyric.

*From the episode “Jailbreak”