A little dragon pauses to enjoy a later afternoon sunset through the many-colored autumnal trees.

A Beautiful Moment Before Winter

Is there another time of year when the sky and the trees reveal their most beautiful, most colorful selves? Fall sunsets here in Southern Michigan are my favorite.

And this drawing is probably my favorite so far. I added some shading to it so give all the forms a little more dimensionality. I’m starting to develop a vernacular for textures and a style for the little dragons. For some reason, I really felt like this one needed feathers so she has feathers. I like the way she turned out – there may be more feathered dragons in the future…

In other news, I’m working on developing a store front for prints. I’m trying to choose between one that does the printing and fulfillment for me (a la RedBubble and Society6) and one where I do the fulfillment (Big Cartel, Storenvy). In the end, I’d like to do the fulfillment myself so I can have more control over the quality of the final printed product and be able to include little extras (stickers, etc) in shipment. On the other hand, having someone else do the work is nice too!