A Tiny Flower Dragon

My kid got a whole lotta chocolate, a new game for her iPad, and a pretty gnarly cold for Easter. She spent all of Easter break on the farm with her grandparents and has now spent the last two days at home. Yesterday, we did something together that I’ve been waiting to do with her since she was born: we drew together.

My goal is to spend a couple of hours of day on an illustration. Not a big one, not a client one but just one for practice. The kiddo loves dragons and flowers so I started working on a tiny flower dragon in celebration of spring.

She has used Procreate before but didn’t love it. Yesterday, she spent two hours drawing dragons and flowers alongside me, completely immersed in the joy of just creating. She made five drawings to my one and discovered a whole bunch of brushes and textures I’ve never used. For two hours, we worked together in parallel, sharing our drawings and our energy for art. It was pretty great.