image of a dragon and a hermit crab walking on the beach

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The weather has briefly warmed up but I’m still dreaming of a beach somewhere. And also, the kiddo was really disappointed the last dragon drawing didn’t have any sand. Everyone *really* is a critic…

I did the concept sketch for this one during my kid’s swim class and banged out the coloring in a few hours today. I’m reading through The Sketchbook of Loish: in it, she writes about how she really tries to focus on movement and flow in her sketching, rather than concentrating on detail and form. So, I intentionally didn’t spend too much time trying to make this one as accurate or detailed as the last one.

I struggled a bit with the color scheme (it’s a bit too “Christmassy”, I think) but I love the sand and sky textures. I’m also really happy with the motion of the bucket swing.