a dragon enjoys a shower of helicopter seeds

Helicopter Seeds

This dragon has taken me the longest of all the dragons so far. I felt like I wrestled with everything to get it done: the color scheme, the perspective of the dragon’s upturned head, the shape of her feet, the texture of the bark and the clouds… It’s definitely the most complex piece I’ve done so far and, now that it’s done, the most rewarding.

I actually feel that way after every dragon. Usually, as soon as I finish one and upload it, I immediately spot a number of things I would change about the piece. To date, I haven’t allowed myself to go back and rework any pieces. I still have so much to learn about using Procreate and finding my own style. I’m not sure that I know what a “perfect” piece would look like at this stage anyway. What I like best is looking back at previous pieces and seeing my own gradual, steady evolution.