image of a tiny hummingdragon


I initially thought I would just draw this dragon soaring off into a bright blue sky. My six-year-old art director decided the dragon is a “hummingdragon” and really should be drinking nectar from flowers instead.

I wasn’t sure how the end result was going to turn out but I really like it. I’m happy with the colors, the gesture of the feet, the transparency of the wings and the expresson on the dragon’s face.

Since the last dragon, I spent more time in the sketch phase with this dragon and didn’t try to lock myself down to any specific concepts until I was really happy with the overall balance of the piece. It’s hard sometimes to separate what’s really important (in art AND life) and what’s just a fun idea. My goal was to draw a happy flying dragon (rather than say, a happy flying dragon with a peacock on its back and a sunset behind) and everything else flowed from there.