An illustration of two sea dragons swimming through seaweed

In the Weeds

I’m not entirely happy with this image. I like the various textures of the plant life and the general lighting and I think my ability to create depth is improving. On the other hand, there’s no real emotion or drama to this particular scene – I imagine the seadragons as actors looking blankly at each other, heads cocked in a “What exactly is my motivation here?” way. I tried to do too much new stuff – draw a new kind of dragon, render an underwater scene accurately, experiment with new brushes – all at once and here we are.

That said, I stumbled across some images of seadragons a couple of weeks ago and am smitten with them. Seadragons are related to seahorses and come in three varieties: weedy, leafy, and the very recently discovered ruby seadragon. They are amazingly colorful, ethereal, otherworldly creatures and I’m completely smitten with them.