Image of a dragon and rider trotting through tall grass

Lazy Grassy Days

Today’s dragon was inspired by last month’s Character Design Resources Challenge: Dragon Riders. My daughter loves dragons and I wanted to draw a picture of her riding one.

I tried a couple of new things in this drawing – a layered foreground/background approach, a relatively monochromatic color scheme and a human with relatively realistic human anatomy. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out overall. I like the look of the grass running off the edges of the paper over the white edges around the background.

The hardest part of the drawing was deciding how exactly my daughter would be riding the dragon. My initial sketches had her dressed in armor and brandishing a sword. But honestly, riding the dragon as if it were a hammock and smelling a flower while dressed in a ballet costume is pretty much exactly what my daughter would be doing on a dragon’s back.