I had a couple goals for this little sketch: to create a whole scene with some sense of depth and to push myself to start painting in Procreate more. Eventually, I’d like to be able do the drawings on paper and just color them in Procreate, or at least, retain a lot of the original pencil lines – I still like the texture of pencil on paper better than any of the pencils in Procreate I’ve tried.

Not sure I’ve pulled off a successful combination of cartoony and painterly. I imagine I’ll figure that out as time goes on…

I read an article yesterday about Brian Rood’s studio process and wow. I think it will be a number of years before I can even wrap my head around how to make so many layers of media work together in one piece. Incidentally, the site the article is on is a pretty nifty app that lets you use your iPad like a Wacom Cintiq. Pretty nifty.