An image of a pair of dragons sitting under a leaf, the younger one reaching for a dewdrop


I changed so many things about this piece from the sketch to the finish. It was actually quite frustrating – as I would get closer to thinking I was finished, I would realize something was off or needed adjustment or perhaps I needed to add a new element or perhaps change that element into something else entirely. Somewhere along the way, I started drawing without outlines and adding subtle shading and so I feel the final drawing suffers a bit from an inconsistent approach.

That said, I’m very happy with the look of the dragons. I love their teeny claws and the thumbs, their chubby legs and their feathers. They, and the rest of the environment have a good sense of solidity and depth. The overall design of their bodies makes more sense as a collection of actual joints and limbs and not just cute outlines. To me, anyway.