13 October 2021

Sauteed Morels

Springtime in Michigan is hunting season for morels. Good mushroom hunters know where to find them but you’ll have to find your own secret spot. Even if you don’t love mushrooms, spending an hour or two in the woods just as nature is waking up from the long sleep of winter is a meditative treat of birdsong and fresh air.

11 October 2021

Salad Days

Truth be told, salad is only popular with the big dragons in our house but the little ones do love growing and picking the veggies and helping with the shopping.

08 October 2021


Dragons love sour stuff! Even when it’s cold out, the little dragons will guzzle lemonade as if they had just spent several hours splashing around their favorite summer lake. Store bought is fine but homemade can be so much better.

07 October 2021

Green Vegetables

Thankfully, every dragon in our household enjoys green vegetables! Spinach, broccoli, green beans, collards, and kale handle the heavy rotation, augmented by carrots, onions, baby corn, and all kinds of squash.

06 October 2021

Whole Wheat Sammich Bread

Baking bread for toast and sammiches is a weekly ritual in the dragon house. So is sneaking a fresh slice, still warm from the oven, when Big Bad Daddy Baker isn’t looking…

05 October 2021

Berry Compote

Another favorite taste of fall here in the dragonhouse. And if you ask the little dragons, winter, spring, and summer too!

01 October 2021

Roasted & Spiced Apple Butter

Fall in Southern Michigan is the time for apple picking. And what better to do with a surplus of apples than make apple butter?

01 July 2021

It’s All Good

Oh, you wanna be cool? Here, let me help you with that…

21 June 2021

Absolutely. Unconditionally. Forever.

When your nine-year-old sneaks in a DEEP QUESTION amidst the nonstop chatter torrent of comics, anime, friends, and more…

11 June 2021

The New Secret Weapon Backfires

What happens when sneaky strategy meets minutely detailed, super literal interpretation of the rules?