09 August 2020


Apparently it only takes 7 years of coaxing to get a kid to realize that guacamole is delicious. And then it only takes a couple more days for said kid to demand guacamole pretty much all the time.

30 July 2020

Riding in the Car with Kids

I love riding in the car with kids. NOT.

25 July 2020

My Favorite Salad Dressing

I love salad but I hate almost all typical Western salad dressings. They’re all either too vinegar-y (anything Balsamic, ugh), too thick (xanthan gum, ugh), or too dairy-based (ranch, ugh). In my picky opinion, THIS is what salad dressing should taste like.

07 July 2020


My longest recipe to date – 3 pages of dragon cooking. I got really silly with the first page and then kind of lost the ridiculous DnD theme halfway through. They still taste good tho.

28 June 2020

Dragon Kefta

Sometimes I make stuff and the kids like it way more than I expect. Obviously that’s good but then they’re also eating my food so maybe next time I’ll make more.

20 June 2020

Black Beans & Rice

Meet Nana Dragon. She might have some strong opinions about your cooking. You’ve definitely heard them all before.

29 May 2020

Oat Bran Pancakes

If I were a fancy food blogger, I’d say the oat bran gives them a complex, hearty flavor that goes perfectly with delicately scalloped, hand-dyed Shetland wool hand warmers wrapped around a freshly poured cup of locally roasted fair trade coffee rim-lit by the warm rays of winter sun streaming across a rustic wood kitchen table. Or something like that.

17 May 2020

Peanut Noodles

Or, how to make a quick dinner for a bunch of people with a minimum of time, effort and ingredients.

09 May 2020

Quick Thin Crust Pizza

Friday night is pizza and movie night at the Dragon house. After a couple years of experimentation with different flours and techniques, Papa Dragon stumbled across the basis for this dough recipe on the back of a bag of all-purpose flour. It’s quick and easy and we can all make our own pizzas exactly the way we want them.

01 May 2020

Algerian Breakfast Porridge

A big thanks to my friend Mouna, who shared this week’s recipe with the Lil’ Dragons. Super yummy, super easy and super comforting, asida can be customized lots of ways – use coconut milk instead of milk, choose your own fave dried fruit and or nuts, serve communally or hoard it all to yourself!