A drawing of a dragon perched on a toadstool drawn to the scent of a grape hyacinth
07 May 2019


After a long, snowy and cold winter, spring is cautiously taking over. While we’re still a ways from consistent t-shirt weather, spring flowers are popping up everywhere. My daughter brought in a lovely little clump of grape hyacinths and I imagined their delicate scent and lovely little bells would be equally alluring to the little dragons of Southern Michigan.

Image of three dragons and a cardinal relaxing in hot springs
15 January 2019

Hot Springs

Breath of fire with the little dragons of southern Michigan.

A little dragon stops to enjoy a late autumn sunset
19 November 2018

A Week Later

I could probably make some lame joke about how I had a dream where all I did was remake this one painting I did over and over again with late fall sunsets in Southern Michigan but I already did that on my twitter account.

A little dragon pauses to enjoy a later afternoon sunset through the many-colored autumnal trees.
07 November 2018

A Beautiful Moment Before Winter

I love fall here in Southern #Michigan – right now is the brief time of the year when the late day sky and trees reveal their most beautiful, most colorful selves. I also wanna add that the sun set yesterday on some pretty sweet election results: a female Representative (one of the first two Muslim women ever elected to the House), two female state Justices, a female governor, a female state Attorney General, and the legalization of recreational pot.

31 October 2018


As much time and care as I put into packing my kid’s lunch in the morning, I’m pretty sure she feels like this every time: “ Awwww, apples AGAIN???Why can’t I have candy like *insert all her friends’ names here* ???” But she’ll thank me later for being such a thoughtful, conscientious mama, right?

Two baby dragons sleeping in a nest
01 September 2018

A Nest for Two

Cooler fall weather means cozy, cuddly naps for the little dragons of Southern Michigan.

Image of two dragons frolicking at the lake
27 August 2018


CANNONBAAAALLLLLL!!! This week’s Semi-Daily Dragon is determined to finish out summer vacation with a big splash.

Image of a dragon meeting a sragonfly
20 August 2018

Dragon meets Dragonfly

Sometimes a drawing just doesn’t work out the way I want it to. And that’s ok. There’s some elements I like in this one and I could probably keep noodling around with it but it’s time to move on.

An image of a dragon and a cardinal drinking tea in a tree stump
09 August 2018

Tea Time

The Semi-Daily Dragon is back! With the new kiddo at home, quiet moments drinking tea with friends are few and far between. They doesn’t stop me from thinking about it!

Image of two kids having a sword fight on pool floats
09 July 2018

Dragon vs. Swan

The kiddo requested “a dragon and a swan” last week. Instead of doing the easy thing and just drawing a dragon and a swan, I drew two kids, a dragon and a swan. Take that, lack of ambition!