Two baby dragons sleeping in a nest
01 September 2018

A Nest for Two

Cooler fall weather means cozy, cuddly naps for the little dragons of Southern Michigan.

Image of two dragons frolicking at the lake
27 August 2018


CANNONBAAAALLLLLL!!! This week’s Semi-Daily Dragon is determined to finish out summer vacation with a big splash.

Image of a dragon meeting a sragonfly
20 August 2018

Dragon meets Dragonfly

Sometimes a drawing just doesn’t work out the way I want it to. And that’s ok. There’s some elements I like in this one and I could probably keep noodling around with it but it’s time to move on.

An image of a dragon and a cardinal drinking tea in a tree stump
09 August 2018

Tea Time

The Semi-Daily Dragon is back! With the new kiddo at home, quiet moments drinking tea with friends are few and far between. They doesn’t stop me from thinking about it!

Image of two kids having a sword fight on pool floats
09 July 2018

Dragon vs. Swan

The kiddo requested “a dragon and a swan” last week. Instead of doing the easy thing and just drawing a dragon and a swan, I drew two kids, a dragon and a swan. Take that, lack of ambition!

28 June 2018

Let’s Race!

Today’s Semi-Daily Dragon brings you moar #seadragons. Did you know that #sea dragons can beat their fins at up to 40 times per second? That’s super fast! Their fins are few and tiny, however – the fastest sea dragon swim rate recorded is only 150 meters per hour.

An illustration of two sea dragons swimming through seaweed
25 June 2018

In the Weeds

I’m really into sea dragons lately. Seadragons are related to seahorses and come in two varieties: weedy and leafy. They are amazingly colorful, ethereal, otherworldly creatures and I’m smitten with them.

Father and son dragon enjoying the aurora borealis
13 June 2018

Aurora Borealis

Spend an evening star-gazing with someone you love and sing along with today’s Semi-Daily Dragons: “Summer days drifting away to oh, oh the summer nights…”

an image of two dragons meeting in a tree
07 June 2018

Let’s Play

It is a gorgeous summer day here in southeast Michigan. Now that this illustration is done, it’s time to play!

a dragon enjoys a shower of helicopter seeds
04 June 2018

Helicopter Seeds

There’s a magical three day window in southeastern Michigan when the strong winds of late spring bring down showers of helicopter seeds everywhere. The single moment of their descent spirals through sunlight, blue, soft clouds, rough bark, before coming to a motionless stop amongst the waving grasses.